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Danny Plecas City Councillor

What made me first run for council?

At the time l first decided to run for council, l had lived in the community for nearly 20 years.  As a parent, I have been involved in minor sports, the School District and various non-profits. During these years, I developed a real sense of engagement and belonging.  Our friendly community was easy to acquaint oneself with, and it seemed natural to want to be involved. 


I have always felt that the support and keenness of a small community needs to be valued and nurtured, should it hope to retain its unique character as it moves forward.

I am grateful to live in a community with so much diversity.  It is through sharing different perspectives, ideas, experiences and cultures that we enhance the quality of life in our community. I believe this is what makes Mission such a welcoming and inclusive place that celebrates these differences.

My Vision,  "An inviting, vibrant community which is sensibly planned and evolves through creative individuals who have a desire to learn and share ideas that ensure sustainability and economic activity."

The most recognizable achievement...

The most recognizable achievement, to me, has been the completion of our new Senior Centre and housing project with MASH, the Mission Association for Senior Housing. This incredible accomplishment not only provided much needed activity space for our seniors, but it offered 74 units of much needed, affordable housing. Seeing this project through took a tremendous team effort, a lot of hard work and a lot of stamina. The added benefit was the opportunity to turn the Old Senior Center into a new Youth Center, as well as the ability to offer Lawn bowling site to the Mission Arts Council.  These additions were not only essential for our communication, but thoroughly appreciated, and provided little cost to the taxpayers.

Danny Plecas City Councillor

In the past 4 years, council has completed critical planning to enable future councils to act in a responsible manner when it comes to allowing development. My intent is to ensure we act on these planning initiatives, in particular the Waterfront and the Central Silverdale Neighbourhood. Implementation of these two plans will have a significant impact on taxation and our ability to meet infrastructure requirements outlined in the master planning exercises. In undertaking these two key projects, the confidence we provide to the development community will attract new retail and commercial enterprises.

I would like to focus on transit improvements, as well as traffic safety. New development has put a strain on our road networks. We are challenged by limited resources in addressing these concerns in the short term. As indicated in

What do I hope to achieve?

What do I hope to achieve

our Transportation Master Plan, there is a significant investment needed in years to come, in order to ensure we are able to move traffic through our community safely and offer ease of movement of other forms of mobility. Yearly increases of capital investment will be necessary to satisfy the requirements of the Master Plan.  I hope to instill the idea of large development projects to pay for bus shelters, crosswalk improvements and additional sidewalks.

As for transit improvements, I would like to see the council support the implementation of a revised network system in 2024-25. The opportunity provided by BC Transit to redesign our current system with 2 way routing will have a cost to the taxpayers, but it has become essential, and will be a step forward with community growth. 

Why do I want to continue with  Mission's growth?

One would say growth is inevitable, as people continue to move eastward into the Fraser Valley. We could put a stop to new development, but despite the fact that we would all love to keep our wonderful town to ourselves, this would be wrong. Growth does have its share of issues and headaches, but, when done properly, it offers enormous benefits. If you study the Central Neighbourhood Plan in Silverdale, you can see the intent to protect 37% of the area to greenbelt and forest. The plan also includes one high school, three elementary schools and three large parks, as well as many smaller parks.  Commercial nodes will allow walkability to shopping.  Sensible development brings in new taxes and new residents contributing to the larger community. 


New growth is critical to pay for infrastructure. As costs increase for projects outlined in our utility masterplan, it is the new growth that contributes to build out these capital projects we all benefit from. New growth reduces the retail loss each year, currently pegged at $230 million. Growth will attract good retail that is lacking in our community. New growth enhances the social economy- new ideas, diversity , talents and entrepreneurship.

Danny Plecas City Councillor
Continue with Mission's growth
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