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Danny Plecas City Councillor

I would like to announce my decision to seek another term on council with the City of Mission. It has been a privilege to serve this community for 11 years, in my 34 years here as a resident.


In this current term, attention has been focused on key planning processes and master planning of critical infrastructure needs. The two go hand in hand and it is important to understand each, in order to formulate how they impact the future of our community. I believe a good grasp of these vital components is essential to making decisions in the next 3-5 years. The financial pressures on our community will not shrink and it will be challenging to meet growing needs.


I am mindful of short term and long outlooks finances, and I want to be sure we are prudent moving forward. Growth, stimulated by the planned initiatives of the Waterfront and Silverdale, will bring in much needed tax dollars and retail investment.


To me, it’s important to have a reasonable voice at the table, one with experience and a true appreciation of our community needs. The council of the next four years will shape the character of your neighbourhood.

Your vote matters.


I look forward to the future.



Your voice matters in creating policies which frame the opportunity for a vibrant and sustainable community

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